Who better to introduce our new site than the amazing Ariel X, up against big bold beauty Mercedes Carrera!


IT’S TIME!!!  That’s right it’s time to start a new amazing site where we not only have females fighting but having sexual fun.  Who better to start with than the amazing Ariel X, now who should we put her up against – how about a big bold beauty that can give her a real fight; Mercedes Carrera, have you seen this big beauty yet, if not you are in for a real treat, a tall curvaceous vision, when you first see her in the dressing room you will be wowed – with her heels on she towers over Ariel and when she drags X out and throws her in the ring we know we are in for a real treat.  We aren’t used to seeing madame X dragged around a ring and if this isn’t bad enough she jams a large penis dildo into X’s tight pussy,  pain at first but pleasure soon follows, – how humiliating for poor Ariel but hold your tears for X because no one as tough as her stays down long.  So Mercedes walked X around the ring with a chain, you know this big beauty is going to pay one hell of a price for that, a beat down that runs the gambit of destruction; lift and carries, holds bent on ultimate pain and of course some good pounding in the corners, remember beautiful Mercedes sexed up X, well she is about to get super sexed from X – not just a drilling with the dildo but some forced oral and a whole lot more, that big bold body is forced into all kinds of compromising positions and she is made to groan with both pain and pleasure and oh does Ariel love it.  IT’S TIME, and X and Mercedes make the perfect beginnings for a long and fun filled journey, so join us and join some of the most beautiful FEMS in the world FIGHT to XCESS – FEMFIGHTERSXCESS !!!!!!!!!!



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