The second part of this battle between Christina Carter and Mercedes Carrera finds them still in nylons, and they’ll keep them on throughout this sex battle – even with a big double-ended dildo inserted in both girls’ vaginas!


Nylons, women in nylons – men just love those silky gems, what is it about nylons that gets men so turned on – not sure why but that seduction gets us all, so get ready because this second part of the battle between Christina Carter and Mercedes Carrera finds them still in nylons and they will keep them on throughout this sex battle.  In the first section we find these big beauties really fighting, then getting into a sex contest with tribbing as they tore holes in the crotches of the nylons so they could get to their wet pussies.  In this second section they’re going further up that torn nylon, literally they are going up further, with their tongues first – as Christina stands Mercedes is on her knees forcing her tongue deep, then it’s Mecedes turn to receive but these tongues just don’t go deep enough so out comes the double sided dildo, while Mercedes slides it up Christina’s pussy she sucks the other side of this big rubber penis.  Now get ready because these big nylon clad beauties are about to use this double sided penis in so many amazing ways – well, you just may not believe it: from the side, from on top, butt to butt… so many more and always they thrust for joy, in and out, in and out and from so many amazing positions —— and all around the NYLONS !!!!!!



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