Kit Mercer and London Rivers are back with a vengeance, and each takes her turn pulling nipples and stretching pussies to their limit!

SKU: FX-0101


Blonde bombshells Kit Mercer and London Rivers are back and with a vengeance, all ready nude they are ready to attack vulnerable breasts and pussies.  Each takes her turn pulling nipples, I mean these girls really pull, stretching those fleshy mounds to their limit, then to the pussies – so many pinches on those exposed lips, pinch and pull as pussies are also stretched  and pulled to their limit.  Back and forth they each get control, two beautiful butts are slapped as they finger pussies from behind. They even use the discarded clothes to wedgie, on the corner and on the mat they pull that cloth between those swollen pussy lips.  And the tribbing, wow does Kit take over here, hard those middles slam together — Kit sits up as she raises her hand, like a sexy cowgirl riding her wild horse she straddles London’s wet pussy and rides hard.  She rides hard and keeps her bronco wet as she straps on her dildo and goes for many more rides; from behind on the ropes, from behind on the match as she shows off London’s full beautiful ass and finally she goes full cowgirl as London gets on top.  They both love it and so will you — beautiful, blonde, buxom, bombshells BATTLE !!!!!!



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