Christina Carter and Cherie Deville make for one amazing sexual romp.  They start out sexy enough in skintight dresses and hose, and those wet pussies are incredible once they get naked!

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Two of the sexiest and sex loving ladies we know: Christina Carter and Cherie Deville, they make for one amazing sexual romp.  Cherie has just moved into Christina’s neighborhood and I do mean Christina’s neighborhood as she controls all that goes on especially sexually and because she likes the way Cherie looks in her sexy shinny nylons she will allow the blonde and her husband to be her Wednesday sex play.  Oh Cherie wants the sex but on her terms… there can be only one alpha here and a sex fight will determine who that is.  This is no ordinary sex fight, they attack each other with lust and conviction, so nice those shinny pantyhose are crotchless — they square off on their knees and sink fingers in to see who can take the most.  Next the tops come off and they decide to have a tribbing contest, oh do they tribb hard dropping  beautiful butts on those wet pussies that are jutting through the nylons, this is some hot tribbing.  Next we tie ankles together and now both tongues and fingers go into wet centers as their 69 positions offer us some incredible views. But it’s when Cherie goes face down and butt up that the fun really starts and gets so…  Both ladies are going crazy and Cherie is about to explode… so much sex stored, so much sex wants out – AND IT’S COMING OUT !!!!!!



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