Blonde Shalina Devine and brunette Nelly Kent are an amazing and wild pair of Euro babes with striking figures and incredible breasts!  Lots of great wedgies and nipple attacks, and after the panties and bras come off those heels and thigh high black stockings stay on as each girl tries to force the other to orgasm!

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Everyone loved the Euro match a few weeks ago with the big girls so we are glad to have two more wild foreign babes, but this time they are thin, curvaceous and gorgeous.  A blonde and brunette that are amazing, Shalina Devine and Nelly Kent – Shalina is the blonde and what a striking figure, only rivaled by the striking brunette; Nelly.  And these ladies are more than beautiful, they are feisty fighters, and when they pull down those tops to attack their incredible breasts you will know these are special Euro babes.  And when those bottoms come off and the fingers seek pussies you will find yourself in love with Europe.  Lots of great wedgies and nipple attacks and all the time those heels and thigh high black stocking stay on.  When Shalina gets excited her nipples are incredible, and the bounce in Nell’s chest is mesmerizing.  I’m anxious to see if you love these two as much as I think you will — so hot, our new Euro babes are here to please so get ready for some real joy !!!!!!



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