Stacy Bloom may be slender but that makes her fleshy breasts stand out even more, and they’re such inviting targets as Honey Demon clamps down on them while Stacy’s sexy, husky voice howls in pain!

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Honey Demon, so aptly named as this lady can be a bit of a devil but such a cute one and she takes on Stacy Bloom a thin raven haired beauty that loves a good fight especially if sex is involved.  Now Stacy may be slender but that makes her fleshy breasts stand out even more, such inviting targets as Honey clamps down on them and Stacy’s sexy husky voice howls in pain.  While Stacy is lean Honey gives us a bit of the other side, she is a full figured babe, giving us the best of both worlds.  Stacy may be smaller but we soon see how tough she is as she has Honey on the mat with her hands tied over her head so she can have her way with her entire body.  Stacy strips her naked, sits on her face and goes wild on her pussy with pinches and fingers.  Finally Honey gets free and boy does she want some payback, she ties Stacy’s hands and puts her face down then proceeds to go crazy on her sweet pussy and I do mean sweet as we get some of the best views of this amazing pussy and ass – Honey spreads Stacy’s legs wide so she can get multiple fingers in deep as a gyrating ass embraces these deep finger plunges.  We get up close as she slaps that wonderful pussy while those fingers dig deeper then rolls her over for a face sit and much more sexual fun.  We do love these Euro babes, Honey is soooo sweet and Stacy, well let me just say we will be seeing a lot more of her and so glad as she is a star!  Get ready for some super EURO SEX FUN !!!!!!



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