Lana Violet and Sarah Jesse gang up on Serene Siren and make her their sex victim! They oil Serene up till the sheen is captivating, then Lana stretches her over the middle rope and goes after her succulent breasts while Sarah attacks her vulnerable pussy!

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Are you ready for this one, well get ready because this is one wild ride.  Three of our best ladies are chatting in the prep room, so sexy in the skimpiest of short school girl skirts: Serene Siren, Sarah Jesse and  Lana Violet are so hot and so missing those sex matches — what the hell, we are here, lets do it.  Next thing we know we are blessed with three naked beauties in the ring, Lana and Sarah decide to gang up on Serene and make her the first sex victim. First they oil her up till the sheen is captivating, then one stretches her over the middle rope and goes after her succulent breasts while the other attacks her vulnerable pussy.  That shinning thin muscular body in an extreme stretch and being all sexed up is so sensual!  And this is just the beginning as these babes find so many great sexual double teams, Serene resists but then the sexual joy overwhelms her.  Lana takes it up a notch as in one stretch she gets out the vibrator to send Serene over the sexual edge.  Many more great holds all culminating in a final suspension from the ceiling where her body really gets stretched, and if that weren’t enough the strap on is employed and the blonde is bent stretched to receive a deep penetrating dick.  This is almost more than we can stand, but wait because now they go after Lana, and if you thought Serene shined, well you ain’t seen nothing yet, because when Lana is oiled, her brown body is dazzling.  Hung on the ropes with her legs split it is glorious and really opens her up to some wild sexual fun.  So get ready because when Serene is one of the two girls in control we are in for a true sexual up grade, Serene employs her magical tongue when Sarah splits those sexy brown legs, deep she strokes that sweet pussy with her wet tongue.  These two go crazy on Lana.  Three girls glowing, stretching, and sexing — THIS ONE IS A MUST SEE — THIS IS TRUE JOY !!!!!!



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