We pick up just where we left off, which is just before Lana Violet gets chained up and rammed from behind by Serene Siren wearing the strap-on! A moment to cool off and then it’s Sarah Jessie‘s turn to get sexually dominated, as Serene and Lana go to town on her amazing nipples and throbbing pussy!

SKU: FX-0115


Three gorgeous naked women enjoying a wild sexual escapade that will leave you breathless, trust me this one is special.  All those that bought the first installment know what I mean as Serene Siren was sexually dominated by Lana Violet and Sarah Jessie, then it was Lana’s turn and when last we left Lana’s seductive brown body was being stretched by the other two, then held by Sarah as Serene goes to town on her throbbing pussy.  Finally they oil her body down till it glows, then hang her from the ceiling where they can stroke and play with all of her, then comes the strap-on.  Stretched and bent they slap that protruding ass, one slides that big cock in as the other licks her erect nipples till her body shakes with orgasmic delight. Now it’s Sarah’s turn to get double teamed, she knows what’s coming, she knows these two are ready for some sexual payback.  First they oil up her incredible body, those amazing nipples are already hard as rocks and they haven’t even started with the real sex.  Over the ropes she is stretched as Serene drops under her and attacks her succulent pussy, and no one tongues and sucks a pussy like Serene.  Lana wraps her tongue around those amazing nipples and this is just the first of so many great stretching holds. Sarah struggles but with each stretch hold she slowly gives way to the sex, just too many hands and tongues on too many sensitive places – till she can take no more… but there is so much more because it is her turn to be hung from the ceiling.  First they oil her amazing body down again and an eager Serene attacks her jutting butt with her strap-on.  Again and again she thrusts her hard cock into a groaning Sarah as Lana delights in nibbling on the longest hardest nipples she has ever seen, you got to see it.  Yes, you gotta see all of this one… A TRUE CLASSIC !!!!!!


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