Alexia Anders and Catalina Ossa are as hot as they come, with tight young bodies, natural bouncy breasts and gorgeous pussies.  Both beauties have been seeing the boss and now it’s time to see which one gets him all to herself!

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Get ready, we have two hot new young babes that are spoiling for a sex fight: Alexia Anders and Catalina Ossa.  These newbies are as hot as they come with tight young bodies, and natural bouncy breasts.  They are both dressed in their sexy office outfits; short skirts, heels and blouses.  Both beauties have been seeing the boss and now it’s time to see which one gets him, both say they’re sexier and wilder, because he likes them wild and prevented.  Off come those tops to compare breasts, they press those natural tits together and wiggle to see whose are best, rubbing and pinching.  Next come their asses, luckily there is nothing under those short skirts as they pull them up to compare butts and when they turn those protruding behinds to us it is a thing of beauty.  Finally we are down on the couch to compare pussies, both are proud and justifiably because these are some gorgeous centers.  They need to stick some fingers deep into these juicy centers but before they do, Alexia wants to see how perverted Cat is, she spits in her mouth and Catalina just returns the favor and then some and even adds some hair pulling for good measure.  Now time for those fingers to go deep into wet pussies and both seem to enjoy this part of the duel.  Time to put those pussies together, so to the floor they go for some wild tribbing.  Each babe takes her turn on top rubbing her pussy hard into her rival, their pussy lips smack together to the groans of their pleasure as they get so turned on they can barely send it — but can you stand it, how can we be so lucky with all the beautiful ladies we add two new ones.  Get ready, you are going to love these new super sexy babes !!!!!!



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