Madi Lane is a voluptuous new beauty, her ample figure a joy to watch as she struggles against the curvaceous blonde Kit Mercer. And does Kit enjoy schooling this new beauty! She goes after those ripe tits – pinching erect, jutting nipples – then to the mat where she can go after breasts and pussy together!

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Madi Lane is a new beauty and while she had an earlier fight with Kit Mercer over at DT, she was not happy with that one and wanted another, only this time a pussy submission match — which can only be done at FFX. We are happy to oblige and you will be the benefactor of these two going at it. Madi is a voluptuous beauty, her ample figure is a joy to watch as she struggles against the curvaceous blonde. Oh does Kit enjoy schooling this new beauty, in the corner she goes after that fleshy chest pinching her jutting nipples and showing her just how much a wedgie can hurt, then to the ground where she can go after both breast and pussy. Now Madi may be new but she is a gammer and she takes her turn at destruction, oh does she love hearing Kit squeal when she has her erect nipples pinched and she goes beyond just a wedgie, she pinches those full pussy lips till Kit can take no more. Each babe gets her falls and both send their fingers deep into the wet centers of these beautiful fighters. We are treated to their nude bodies rolling about, then their pussies come together for a tribbing battle. Kit is so happy when she finally wins, she lays down and has Madi drop that amazing ass on her stiff strap on cock so she can watch those butt checks dance as she plunges deep inside her. Then Kit wants to see her face so she gets on top, splits those legs wide and is again inside. They both find great joy in this and you most certainly will find great joy in this one !!!!!! FREE PREVIEW:


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