Madi Lane  wants another shot at Kit Mercer – for that matter who wouldn’t!  Madi is so determined to do the fucking this time, and being a fast learner she istarts to get the better of the sexy blonde. Madi loves pinching Kit’s puffy pussy lips and pulling that suit deep into her slit – eventually her fingers go even deeper!!

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Madi, Madi, Madi Lane – so lovable and so game, she wants another shot at sexy Kit Mercer and for that mater who wouldn’t want another shot at this hard bodied blonde. Madi thinks this time she can do the fucking and she is so determined. Now when we start this video Madi is still getting fucked doggy style from the last video and once she has her sexy suit back on she is ready to go but probably didn’t need to dress, as soon they are stripped again but this time Madi is ready and being a fast learner she is getting the better of this sexy blonde, she so loves pinching her puffy pussy lips and driving that suit deep into her pussy – eventually her fingers go deep. Kit seems flustered but having more experience she knows she will get her turn, and boy does she. Madi is one gorgeous brunette, and Kit so loves her pussy as she attacks it from all directions, returning the favor of pussy pinching and fingers going deep as well as some hot tripping where those wet middles smack together and rub to their delight. Madi so wanted to fuck but alas she is again the victim, but she makes such a great victim as aggressive Kit finds so many new angles to thrust her hard cock deep into that beautiful wet pussy. Madi is such a welcome addition to the FFX family, this robust Asian beauty is a real treat, and Kit enjoys every inch of her wonderful body — AND SO WILL YOU !!!!!!



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