Amirah Adara is anxious to have a sex fight with Stacy Bloom and we can understand why! Little Stacy is as wild as they come, and though Amirah anxiously attacks her pussy she soon finds Stacy behind her seeing how far she can stretch Amirah’s beautiful, natural breasts!!

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Amirah Adara is one hot Euro babe who is anxious to have a sex fight with Stacy Bloom and we can understand why as little Stacy is as wild as they come, she was a big hit in an earlier video. Amirah is so anxious she attacks Stacy’s pussy but soon finds while Stacy is petit, she is fiery and soon is behind AA seeing how far she can stretch her beautiful, natural breasts, it’s amazing how far she can extend this chest flesh. Soon both babes are going for the pussies, with savage wedgies and piercing fingers. Something about these Euro babes, they just love to get wild, they just love to let it all go. AA has Stacy pinned against the wall and shows her how to really attack breasts as she fills her hands with the super supple nature breast flesh and then squishes till the nipples pop from between her knuckles, then to her pussy and to really do it right she takes off her bottoms, now she can pinch the pussy lips and the nipples at the same time — WOW, what a perfect shot. Soon the fingers are deep inside as she takes her back to the wall where kneeling gives her the leverage to really pinch the pussy and tits. Finally Stacy has her turn and she goes wild on Amirah, she strips her and shows her how deep a finger can go, and for good measure ties her hands up for total control – then facesits her, riding her face with her wet pussy until Amirah uses her tongue to satisfy the wild one. Yes, these Euro babes always give us one hell of a wild ride and this one is no exception — so saddle up and take the wild ride !!!!!!



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