Agatha Delicious and Vivian Fox are brand new to the FFX ring, and we’ve thrown them into a pussy submission match! Right off we are treated to some amazing wedgies, with their swimsuits pulled up high between those sweet lips, and we get all the great views!

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NEW LADIES, how we love to have new beauties grace the ring and today we have two great ones: Agatha Delicious and Vivian Fox.  Agatha is a rock hard lady who knows how to wrestle, she is not new to a good fight but Vivian has only had a few but she is eager and tough – so get ready for a fun one.  This is a pussy submission match so right off we are treated to some cloth gouging wedgies, up between those sweet pussy lips we get all the great views.  Gorgeous Vivian has an incredible smile and even in pain she strives to use it but so often when her natural breasts are being tweaked that smile turns to a groaning grimace.  Watching these sweet bodies roll is a real treat, each mounts and pinches pussy lips, then fingers go in – a face-sit and more pinches.  A hammer lock allows more breast gouging and both of these ladies have such fine nipples to pinch.  Their sleek firm legs intertwine for some pussy smacking tribbing as each tries to gain the advantage.  More fingers deep into a wet pussy and we have a winner — her treat, oral gratification.  Yes Agatha has to lick Viv’s pussy till she has satisfaction.  That wet tongue glides over her protruding pussy, then deep it thrusts as Viv pulls Agatha’s head into her crotch.  NEW LADIES… welcome these new beauties to FFX – they love their sexual wrestling and we love them!!!!!!



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