Agatha Delicious licks Vivian Fox’s sweet pussy until Viv is sexually satisfied, but since Agatha is not satisfied she wants another sex fight and Vivian agrees.  Both are now nude except for their sexy black stockings and both are warmed up after the first go-around; their pussies are wet and ready for insertion!!

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They may be new to us but they are definitely not new to sex and Agatha Delicious is most definitely not new to wrestling, also Vivian Fox is such a fast learner – we have a sex fight.  We start where we left off, with a real close up of Agatha licking Viv’s sweet pussy, till she is sexually satisfied.  But Agatha is not satisfied, no she wants another chance, another sex fight and Vivian agrees.  Both are now nude except for their sexy black stockings and both are HOT.  We might say the are warmed up after the first one, but they are way beyond warmed up — they are HOT and so ready to go.  The fingers go very deep as the pussies are wet and ready for insertion.  Their pussy pinches are harder, the whole fight is more savage as each takes her turn on top – Vivian splits Agatha’s legs wide so she can go after Agatha’s wet middle.  Agatha uses her wrestling skills as she applies an arm bar that allows her full access Viv’s pussy, first she rubs hard and then when she’s got her warmed up, her fingers dive deep.  These girls are now rolling all across the ring, their beautiful young flesh gets fully entangled bringing them to a sensual tribbing session.  And my favorite when Vivian puts Agatha face down on the mat with her sweet ass in the air then has her way with that butt, rubbing, pinching then inserting from different angles — so sexy.  And Vivian wants that ass in another way, yes she wants to put her strap-on cock deep inside, she gets her wish!  Against the ropes she drills her penis into Agatha’s moist pussy, then to her favorite position: face on the mat and butt in the air.  Agatha seems to enjoy this position as much as Viv does.  Last position is good old missionary, Vivian even takes the cock out of the holster so she can insert by hand.  These two young beauties are eager and wild, like I said not warmed up, no they are HOTTTT and you will feel the heat !!!!!!



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