Jewell Marceau and Kianna Dior are determined to settle their breast battle, smashing against each other until their titties are sore. Then those breasts get a break as they get back to some sex, with pussies smacking together as they start tribbing!

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Time for the second boob fest, now in the first one we had lots of jumbo breast battering, then they went to the penetrating sex. NOW – Jewell Marceau and Kianna Dior are determined to settle this breast battle, they take the war to the living room where Jewell pins Kianna against the wall and uses her colossal tits as weapons, she smashes them into Kiana’s chest, then whips them from side to side penetrating Kianna’s soft mammaries.  Time for a real smothering bearhug, pull those waists together till breasts are smashed, rigid nipples spike each other.  On their knees they use their hands to supply even more pressure to their now sore titties.  Ok let’s give those breasts a break as we get back to some sex, pussies smack together as our big babes start tribbing. As their clits tickle each other they get turned on but still we don’t have a victor. What, what can they do… let’s both crawl into the same bikini bottom, tied together one of us will have to win.  Now breasts and pussies are welded together, they waltz each other around the room, until they find them selves back in the bedroom.  Back on the bed they go wild on each other using all of their energy to finally, finally end this war.  But it goes on even longer than they expected… and even wilder than… That bed will never be the same !!!!!!



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