Hot Asian beauty Alexia Anders and luscious Milana Ricci smack each other in the gut with hard punches, then strip one another and go for the pussies to try and force an orgasm!

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Alexia Anders is one of the hottest Asian beauties we have ever seen but she hasn’t had much wrestling experience so going up against Milana Ricci, well we didn’t think it would be much of a contest but even after Milana smacked her in the gut with hard punches Alexia comes back for more and eventually she is the one punching. I was shocked at how much these ladies pounded each other. Soon they had stripped each other and were going for the pussies as they wanted force an orgasm. So wonderful watching these two young beauties go at it, such sexual energy and such beautiful firm natural bodies, these two together are truly a treat! They both fight hard for dominance and to our surprise Alexia gets control and straddles Milana between the middle ropes in the corner, this is a stretch you will need to see, those firm shapely legs strained to the extreme. And this is just the beginning because after Alexia works her foe over she comes back with a large dildo: she is determined to get her orgasm. First she teases her, sliding the dildo across her wet clit, then deep she thrusts as we are treated to some stupendous views. Finally off the ropes and to the canvas for so much more penetration: pulling Milana’s legs wide and then inside, rolling her to her side so she can slide it in her back side- what a view. Looks like it’s over – NO, because Lana Violet, (in her so sexy dominatrix outfit) sneaks into the ring and from behind she captures Alexia and begins working her over till her friend Milana gets her senses back. Now both beauties go after poor Alexia, one working over her supple breasts as the other works on her perfect pussy. AND THEY ARE JUST BEGINNING… !!!!!! PREVIEW:


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