Gianna Grey gets to play in our ring with the beautiful Vivian Fox, who quickly gives the Playboy covergirl a killer wedgie. Welcome to DT, Gianna! it isn’t long before she’s giving as good as she gets though, as she pinches Viv’s pussy lips while both beauties roll their gorgeous bodies over the canvas!!

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Gianna Grey, a few months ago she was a Playboy model and covergirl and now that lucky girl gets to play in our ring and to make it unforgettable for her she gets to wrestle the beautiful Vivian Fox. Gianna is a natural, she loves pressing female flesh and rolling around on canvas. Soon she is receiving a killer wedgie, welcome to DT – cloth is pulled high up her tender center. But she is soon giving as good as she gets as she is pinching Viv’s pussy lips to groans of pain as both beauties roll their gorgeous bodies over the canvas. Grey is not gray, she is a beautiful brown, brown that shines as Vivian slides her fingers deep in her pussy – is that a smile on Gianna’s face, she does love the sex. Lots of great pussy splitting wedgies, pussy lip pinches and fingers in juicy centers — it’s a two out of three fall pussy match. And of course some great tribbing, these two babes get melded together as their sex goes up a nothch and we finally have a winner. Gianna finds that losing can be winning because she gets to lick Vivian’s pussy and what is supposed to be a lose is not so bad. Viv wants that tongue deep and she gets it sitting on the canvas then in the corner where Vivian lifts her leg high for entry and a few other satisfying positions. So welcome another beauty to DT, Gianna Grey wants to show you what she’s got – and SHE’S GOT A LOT !!!!!!


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