JoJo Kiss meets Lilly Bell in competitive tribbing, with exact rules and positions that must be followed! The naked combatants spread their legs and bring their pussies together. Reaching down to maneuver into the best stimulating position, they lean back and start to sensuously rub against each other!!

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TRIBBING has become so big, yes there are tribbing contests to see which girl can make her foe orgasm first and we are happy to participate in this sexy event. Our two competitors today are: JoJo Kiss and Lilly Bell, you have seen the beautiful JoJo in some of our other matches and she is becoming a real fan favorite, Lilly is a sleek blonde beauty who is eager to display her sexual prowess. Now unlike all our other matches that had some tribbing in them, this one is only tribbing and there are exact rules and positions that must be followed. The combatants are naked and start out with an interview as to how and why they feel they will win, then to a stare down as they verbally go at each other. IT’S TIME — our naked beauties lie down on the canvas, spread their legs and bring their pussies together, they reach down and maneuver their pussies so they are connecting and in the best stimulating position, then they lean back and start to sensuously rub. This is the first of the three allowed positions, they are eye to eye as they push and rub striving for maximum clit sensitivity. Their moans match their muscle contractions as they fall into a sensual rhythm, then one babe moves to the next position as she sits up and takes her foes leg and holds it up into her chest allowing her the dominate rubbing position, now the bottom lady has to fight off the orgasm until she rolls and now she has the top and can control – she reaches down and repositions her pussy lips so they embrace her partners clit, then she pulls that upward leg closer and begins her rhythmic pussy dance. The final position, my favorite: legs cross and butts come together as they pull arms bringing their pussies in tight — you have to see it. By now their pussies are soaked and the groans have become sirens of sensuality, the butts tighten with each rhythmic thrust, the pussies slide together as the stimulation has both beauties ready to burst. Now you will know why TRIBBING has become so popular — a rhythmic sexual dance that will have you moving to the beat of their moans and groans !!!!!!


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