Agatha Delicious takes new girl Valentina Bellucci to the corner to give her a real introduction to the  ring, and she initiates that pussy with stroking and pinching. Then Agatha takes her to the mat for some deep wedgies, as she face-sits Valentina with more mauling till the poor girl has to give up!

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Valentina Bellucci, new blood in the ring and this is a big beauty ready to rumble, so get ready Agatha Delicious because you got some competition.  Best three out of five pussy attack match, now Agatha may be thin but she is very muscular and a good wrestler and Valentina is a voluptuous lady who really knows how to throw her beautiful weight around.  They attack with mutual wedgies then Agatha gets control and takes Valentina to the corner to give her a real introduction to the  ring as she initiates her pussy with stroking and pinching, then to the mat for some deep wedgies as she face-sits her with more mauling till the new girl has to give up.  Now Valentina may have lost the first round but this is one game babe and she’s about to show Agatha how tough she can be – yes, in the corner Val goes crazy on Agatha, pinching the hell out of her sweet pussy lips, now she takes her turn on the mat as she plants her big round robust ass on Agatha’s face and proceeds to attack.  A great back and forth battle now ensures, soon they are both naked and attacking nipples, twisting to groans of agony – fingers go deep in wet pussies, then twist pussy lips as we are treated to another great pussy match.  Welcome a full figured babe who may lose the first section but treats her victor to some fabulous oral sex and oh does Agatha love having that tongue go deep as she instructs Val on some great positions, best one is when she straddles the ropes and has Agatha come to her from underneath — sooooo hot!  So welcome this new voluptuous babe to FFX — we keep bringin’ em – to multiply your joy !!!!!!


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