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Legs split wide with a beauty sitting on each thigh so they can play with breasts and pussy, that’s Lana Violet and Milana Ricci working over Alexia Anders — a continuation of FX-0140.  So in control our two beauties but they want even more so they tie Alexia’s hands behind her back and then get out a long knotted rope – now what the hell are they going to do with that rope?  Oh what they have in mind is sooooo fabulous, Alexia is forced to straddle this rope and walk the line.  You gotta see this, as sweet Alexia slowly walks the knots find their way up her beautiful pussy.  We are treated to amazing views of this rope walk, so sensual, our sexy Asian pauses at each knot as it tickles and rubs her tender center – you gotta see this one as it goes on and on.  From here we get a gut slug fest as they wear down Alexia – now she is ready for Lana to use her strap-on as Milana holds and rubs.  Against the rope they raise one leg high as the dick is thrust in while Milana licks her pussy then her nipple, Alexia is stimulated in every possible way as the dick goes deep.  How sexy watching these three beauties getting so engrossed in sex.  You will so want to slow down this view as Lana has Alexia’s leg over her shoulder and Milana’s beautiful butt strains while she licks the nipple and strokes the pussy and all this while Lana plunges in deep.  From here they take Alexia down for some doggie style where again all three go to town with wild sex, both ladies working on her body has Alexia going into sexual ecstasy.  Then reverse cowgirl as Alexia mounts the cock and Milana sucks her clit while Lana tweaks her nipples – driving Alexia crazy.  We end with an oiled Alexia and once she shines she is again strapped up and hung from the ceiling where our ladies can go sexually wild on her — can she get more turned on — she can – so much sex in one magnificent lady — SO MUCH SEX IN ONE MAGNIFICENT VIDEO !!!!!!


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