Victoria Sunshine and Charlie Valentine are two sexy young babes, both are new to the neighborhood and both want the same good-looking neighbor! He’ll want the one with the best body so they both inspect each other, first pulling up tops to compare tits, then hiking up skirts to examine pussies!!

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Victoria Sunshine and Charlie Valentine, two super sexy young babes but both are new to the neighborhood and as they talk they find they both want the same good-looking neighbor, Andrew. Well, he’s got to want the one with the best body and that would be… they both inspect each other, first they pull up their tops and compare tits, then they pull up the skirts and each inspects the others pussy – oh do they inspect with rubbing and fingers and we are treated to that beautiful open legged couch view. Then they each sexually strip to show off their slinky figures. Oh and what great figures they have, both tall and lean, their shinny young bodies just screaming for sex. After their strip off both are standing and as they get close they just can’t help but see who kisses the best, their tongues collide and as they get turned on their hands go down to their pussies where they get turned on to the max. The tongues get more adventurous as the girls get lost in seduction, they both try to prove who is the wildest and most perverted because that’s what Andrew likes, so we get more pussy rubbing and hotter kissing, then onto the floor where they start to tribb and…. Femfighters is dedicated to bringing you the hottest sexual battles and to do this we need to infuse the site with new hot babes and Victoria and Charlie are fabulous new additions that we are sure you will love – so get ready to meet new blood !!!!!!



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