Oh, how naked babes Victoria Sunshine and Charlie Valentine love to bump and rub their juicy slits together! Eager hands fly to wet pussies to heighten the turn on, then wet fingers slip in each other’s mouths as they come to the edge of orgasm!!

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They are off and running or should I say off and bumping pussies because that’s exactly what Victoria Sunshine and Charlie Valentine are doing as we start the second part of this video, oh, and how these naked babes love to bump and rub their juicy centers together, with each connection they get more turned on and we are treated to such amazing views of their hot sex. Their hands fly to their pussies to heighten their turn on, then they send fingers in each others mouths to both choke and suck bringing them to the edge of orgasm and all while still tribbing. Some bitchy banter and they go to the couch where sitting side by side they go for each others pussy and we are off again on an orgasmic romp as they rub, hard and fast then soft and deep hitting that clit. They’re so turned on they have to take this to the next level and that level has one of our slender beauties on her knees as her partner stands and slams the kneeling lady’s head in her pussy and demands she eat, and eat she does with the vigor of a starving babe – tongue licks and sticks as her motion bobs her naked ass up and down — so sexy to watch. Then to the couch where the kneeler forces her victim as she now drills her wet tongue all over that vibrating pussy. Time to change places and now the other stands and gets her joy from the kneeler and again to the couch where we get up close on the amazing tongue action. They should be done, but they aren’t as they go back to their fabulous tribbing…. Can you handle our new babes? They are off and running, it’s a big treat if… you can you catch them !!!!!!



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