Aiden Ashley squirts all over the ring again, and Serene Siren shines from her sex glow.  Both are stimulated with plenty of licking and fingering, followed by some incredible views of double dildo penetration!!

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Are you ready for this second part — are you sure because this is even better than the first one.  Now from that first one you remember Aiden Ashley squirted her sex juices all over the ring and now the girls are covered in sweat and sex juice and as they go on, they get wetter, Serene Siren shines from her sex glow.  We begin on the mat with Aiden between Serene’s legs as Serene reaches across her ass and starts to finger Aiden then pulls that ass to her and tongues her ass as she continues to finger her pussy and we are treated to one hell of a view as both tongue and finger delight the blonde.  From here they roll into a 69 where both are stimulated with licking and tongue penetration. They rip off their thigh high stockings so they are nude and Aiden uses one to tie Serene up but even with her arms tied behind her back Serene manages to finger Aiden.  Mutual Side by side fingering is followed by double dido insertion and we are underneath watching this insertion, such a site – those wet pussies being penetrated.  More double dildo as to the ropes they go and Aiden is even sprawled all the way over, her head on the outside and her knees inside but many favorite is when Aiden is sprawled over the top rope with her foot on Serene’s head as Serene kneels in front of her inserting the dildo as she sucks on her tits – WOW, you got to see this one.  Aiden is so sexed up she has squirted all over the ring and the women glisten from sensual delight.  It’s a contest for who can make the other orgasm the most but everyone is a winner here, so if you’re ready to be a winner – COME ON DOWN AND INTO THIS WORLD OF ORGASMS !!!!!!


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