Milana Ricci oils Alexia Anders’ amazing body, then with a strap on secured she takes the Asian treat on one hell of a sex romp! From behind against the ropes, then on the floor doggy style Milana has Alexia’s glistening body shaking with the thrusts of deep penetration!!

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Alexia Anders, get ready because Milana Ricci is out for revenge, yes in the first episode Alexia got to do most of the sex play on Milana and that stretch on the ropes as she penetrated her was spectacular – well now it’s Milana’s turn. We start out where they left off in the last one with Milana securing a wicked camel clutch – from the front we see their pretty faces as Milana simultaneously chokes while pinching and pulling her sweet breasts and if this view isn’t enough we are treated to this hold from behind as both naked asses are viewed in all their splendor, and with Al’s legs spread wide her pussy is there for Milana’s taking and she takes with gusto. This is just the beginning of soooo many savagely beautiful sex holds, like where Alexia is on her back with a severe leg spreader, again allowing Milana sustained access to that beautiful pussy, or when Milana holds her arms over her head and rides one sleek leg while rubbing her wet center. All this is working up to Milana getting out the dildo and going wild on Alexia, up against the ropes she pins her as she sends the dildo deep, then when she is good and wet Milana drags her to the corner post so she can force her pussy against it. Then comes the wild ride but first she oils Alexia’s amazing body, then with a strap on secured she takes the Asian treat on one hell of a sex romp, from behind against the ropes she sends her attached penis deep, then on the floor from behind doggy style she has that glistening body shaking with the strain of deep penetration — pull that hair, strain with each deep thrust. Add Alexia on top as Milana forces her to ride the penetrating penis both front and back as we are treated to those fabulous closeups. These sleek fabulous bodies are accentuated by the fact that these ladies, LOVE THEIR SEX — and you will most certainly also – LOVE THEIR SEX !!!!!!



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