Lost in lust, Ariel X lets her guard down and big blonde Mercedes Carrera takes over, determined to prove she can destroy not only with holds but also with super sex.


So many got a taste for Ariel X and Mercedes Carrera with the first part of this amazing match, well get ready because the conclusion is here to satisfy that appetite for gorgeous women in combat for sex.  We left the last episode with Ariel in control and she stays in the driver’s seat as we start this segment and that seat is right on Mercedes’ gorgeous face – she sits hard and forces the big beauty to satisfy her anxious pussy as she grinds on her face and even allows Mercedes to roll into a 69 position where both ladies are being satisfied.  Lost in lust Ariel lets her guard down and the big blonde takes over, she is determined to show X she can not only destroy her with holds but also with super sex.  Her camel clutch is accented with fish hooks, her strap on is not only jammed in X’s moth but multiple positions including a match book where the blonde jams that dick in a compressed X – sit hard then bend her over to penetrate from behind…. but wait this is Ariel X so we know she has to come back – she does.  Oh and what a come back, she gets the big beauty in the corner and lets her blazing fists work on that hard body, now its time to show her how sex works with some rough tribbing then back to dominance with lots of lifts and carries, severe chokes, body wrenching stretches and you thought Mercedes had a tormenting camel clutch well X shows how to ride that camel using hands front and rear, then more carries and more holds but it all leads up to that strap on, now it’s really time to show this big babe how to fuck and nobody fucks it better than the amazing Ariel X !!!!!!



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