Ariel X keeps super heroine Taylor Vixen in a variety of holds while Kymberly Jane thrusts rigid stimulating objects into her mouth and vagina. Taylor endures more and more sexual torture until both her captors are entering each orifice, filling our heroine with the thrusts of their pleasure — and filling her to the limit! This 37 minute extra-length video is An XtremeFemaleFighting Classic!

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We’re pleased to present this classic sex wrestling match from XtremeFemaleFighting –  in HD for the first time!

WOW – I mean really WOW!!! Super heroines, super villains and oh so much SEX! Brace yourself because this one takes it to the limit, and the limit is steaming hot. Professor Fausta (Kymberly Jane) waits as Wonder Woman (Taylor Vixen) shows up at the ring, the professor shoots a gun at her but the bullets bounce off her magic cuffs, oh but these are not regular bullets, these were high powered magnets and WW finds her cuffs welded together – the dominance begins. Soon WW finds her top down and nipple clamps on her gorgeous breasts, her eyes widen as out comes a large brown dildo – oh no what can this be for? Soon the professor enlists the aid of her faithful companion, Ultima (Ariel X) and WW is suspended form the ceiling wearing nothing but a few leather straps and a ball gag, and they decide to pleasure her most private area – insertion with various stimulating devices has our super heroine dancing between pleasure and pain. Next Ultima puts Super in many diverse holds while the professor thrusts rigid stimulating objects into mouth and vagina – more and more they take it to the limit with machines and objects till they are both entering each orifice, filling WW with the thrusts of their pleasure — filling her to the limit – to the limit they take it — all the way to the steamy hottest limit !!!!!



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