Vanessa Veracruz vs Abigail Mac are two of the sexiest, most beautiful ladies on the planet, and they’re here for a sexual contest – who can make the other orgasm the most! Slick bodies collide breast to breast, nipples rub together and fingers and tongues find their way to their wet pussies!! This 45 minute extra-length video is An XtremeFemaleFighting Classic!

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We’re pleased to present this classic sex wrestling match from XtremeFemaleFighting – newly remastered in HD for the first time!

ARE YOU READY – I mean it, you better get ready for this one because this one is HOT! Vanessa Veracruz vs Abigail Mac, two of the sexiest most beautiful ladies on the planet. Trust me a large ring is needed for these ladies because they are having sex from one end to the other. We start out in the living room where the sexy Vanessa is talking trash about Abby, and she talks it right at us – both girls are trying to impress and they talk to us throughout the match. They move to the ring where they strip then oil their amazing bodies as they ready for a sexual contest – who can make the other orgasm the most. Their slick bodies collide as breast to breast they smash together rubbing their slick nipples together. Soon they hit the mat and the real sex begins, across the canvas they roll, their slick bodies slide over each other as fingers and tongues find their way to their wet pussies. Sex in so many ways: over the ropes one is bent, sitting on the ropes as from underneath she is so oraly stimulated she falls back almost out of the ring, Abby is upside down and Vanessa is able to go deep into her luscious pussy. And then there is the tribbing and oh do these ladies love to tribb, they talk to the camera as they slide those crotches together and rub to ecstasy, they tribb in all kinds of positions: from behind rubbing on those beautiful butts, form the side, with one leg raised and face to face – they rub their ecstatic pussies in all directions and positions – till the orgasms come and they come hard! Sex with fingers tongues and tribbing and in all possible positions, these sexy oiled bodies are so hot and constantly turned on. Get ready, if you have ever seen either one of these ladies you know how sexy and beautiful they are and if you haven’t seen them then this is a perfect one to find sexual gold. We told our web people to service the servers because this one may burn them up – so – ARE YOU READY !!!!!!!!



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