We pick up the action with Sinn Sage crying while Serena Blair pours on the pressure in a camel clutch. Sabrina moves her hand down Sinn’s chest, stroking and grabbing her tits. Moving into a 69 position Serena teases Sinn’s clit with a mini-vibrator, and Sinn feels her own orgasm building as she’s forced to lick Serena’s pussy!! An XtremeFemaleFighting classic!

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We’re pleased to present this classic sex-wrestling match from XtremeFemaleFighting – remastered in full HD for the first time! Let me start off by saying the raw, sensual, erotic chemistry Serena Blair and Sinn Sage exude in this match is electric. Sinn’s cries of agony and ecstasy fill the room as Serena excises her sexual demons on the one and only Sinn Sage. We pick up the action with Sinn crying as Serena pours on the pressure in a camel clutch. Soon she slowly moves her hand down Sinn’s chest both stroking and grabbing her tits. Moving into a 69 position Serena grabs a mini vibrator and teases Sinn’s clit with it while she darts her tongue in and around Sinn’s clit. Sinn feels the orgasm building in her when Serena forces Sinn to lick her pussy. Sinn’s moans and cries are now muffled as she begins to drown in Serena’s delectable pussy juices .Finally Sinn lifts her head and SCREAMS a cumming fit as Serena merely smiles and starts to slap Sinn’s pussy -HARD. That’s right, Serena doesn’t want Sinn out just yet. There’s more fun to be had with her pet. From here we are treated to Serena throwing every sexual tactic in the book on Sinn. Dildos and a strap on are used to pull more and more orgasms out of the struggling and desperate girl. She fucks Sinn every which way but loose. A cacophony of screams, cries, and moans of pleasure are elicited from Sinn. Will this orgasm torture never cease? Not anytime soon, that’s for sure. Serena fucks Sinn with the strap on doggie style, missionary, and cowgirl pulling more and more screams and cries from Sinn. This is a rare video where we see the usually dominant Sinn Sage completely demolished by the sexy, sensual, and super aggressive Serena Blair. Fingering, oral, 69’s, dildos, strap ons, this one has it all and Sinn gets it good. Wrestling moves like scissors, camel clutch, arm bars, hair pulling, Xtreme choking and gaggging are on display. The domination becomes complete when evil Serena decides her dirty little girl needs a bath. So it’s to the bathroom they go as Serena puts Sinn in a bath of warm water. But instead of cleaning her up, she serves up the ultimate humiliation by getting into the bath with her and sitting on Sinns face. Riding it until Serena orgasms for the umpteenth time. Serena Blair shows what she can do in this epic title, and Sinn can only take it until Serena decides she’s through. Amazing aggressive sex and wrestling moves in this one.



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