FemFightersXcess is dedicated to providing quality entertainment for our customers, and we are committed to producing our content in an environment that is fun, comfortable, and above all safe and secure for our performers.

We require current government issued photo identification from every performer at every recording session. All performers are presented with a complete scenario of the activities they will be performing, and they are encouraged to inspect all equipment and facilities prior to recording. We secure signed consents and releases from all performers and copies of all Identification, consent forms and releases are kept on file in our offices.

We do not purchase any content from any third party at any time.

If you are a performer who has not consented to your appearance in any video available from our site, or you believe we have infringed upon a copyright, CLICK HERE TO REPORT UNAUTHORIZED OR NON-CONSENSUAL CONTENT

If you have reason to suspect that any performer was not of legal age of consent at the time we produced any video available on our site, please notify us immediately. CLICK HERE TO REPORT UNDERAGE PERFORMERS OR ILLEGAL CONTENT

We will promptly investigate any report of illegal or unauthorized content and respond to the reporting party within seven business days. Any reported content found to be in violation of applicable laws or statutes, or found to contain any underage performer or non-consensual activity will be promptly removed from the site at the close of our investigation.

If we do not find cause to remove a reported title from the site, we will notify the reporting party of this. The party will then have 30 days to appeal this decision and provide additional information to be considered in the final resolution.