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And they said it wouldn’t last! Here we are with 250 movies under our belts, and it’s entirely perfect that we cross this milestone with the amazing ( and amazingly busty) threesome of Dee Williams, Christina Carter and Tylene Buck! The ladies are sitting around shooting the shit about their sex lives when out of nowhere there’s a little kissing, then Christina and Dee decide to go after Tylene’s tits! After a little licking, and then a little sucking, the astonished Tylene’s nipples go erect and she’s starts getting hot! Christina and Dee don’t let up, and before long they’ve got Tylene’s panties off and Christina’s licking eagerly at her snatch! Dee wants a turn at that glistening slit so after Christina moves aside she gets down on her knees with her butt in the air, and laps greedily while Tylene squeals with delight! Dee’s skirt rides up to reveal her wet swollen pussy, and horny Christina can’t sit by and keep her hands to herself; she dips her fingers deep into a surprised and delighted Dee before turning on her back so she can poke her tongue into that slick sex-hole! And the clothes haven’t even come off yet! If you’re a fan of big boobs, beautiful women and really hot sex, this one’s for all the marbles!! Pretty much anything you can imagine these girls getting into, they’ll get into, in THREE HOTS ON A COT!

Nikky Thorne is one of our most popular Euro-babes, so it comes as something of a surprise to learn that even she can feel the burn of a wayward spouse! But when we get a look at the girl her husband was banging on the side, Nomi Melone, we’re torn: sure we feel bad that Nikky’s getting cheated on, but we can hardly blame the guy – Nomi is smoking!! Then comes Nomi’s indecent proposal: a sex-off for all the marbles! Nikky thinks this will be a piece of cake and pulls out a sexy pink double-ended dildo, but that filthy smirk she gets from Nomi tells us that somehow things aren’t going to be so easy for Nikky! As the two ladies insert the dildo into their anxious pussies and start grinding together, it’s obvious that Nikky’s ready for this kind of action, but Nomi’s clearly been around the block a few times herself! After Nikky blows her cool early, Nomi nonchalantly fixes her makeup and both girls go up on all fours, ass-to-ass for a second pass with the double-dong. This time there’s a lot more moaning from both ends of the bed, but once again NIkky loses control and finds herself humiliated! Now it’s time for Nomi to have a little fun, and she takes out a butt plug that’s about the size of an egg! Nikky protests, but her back’s literally to the wall, as NOMI TURNS OUT TO BE A REAL PAIN IN THE ASS!

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