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There are few things we love more than bringing new talent into the ring. The sight of not one, but two hot women who’ve never done it before losing their wrestling cherries right here in front of us… well, there’s nothing quite like it and this week is no exception. Kit Mercer is a sweet, sexy blonde who’s just begun making a name for herself in adult entertainment this year, and Audrey Miles is a luscious blue-eyed brunette (who went red here) who’s even newer to the game. Both girls came in hot, dressed in stockings and panties, ready and willing to make a splash, and splash they did! The first third of this one is given over almost entirely to wedgies, with each lady hell-bent on torturing the other’s twat without mercy. Then the girls stripped and the real pussy punishment began, leading to the winner donning a strap-on and driving it home! Join us in welcoming two hot, hot newcomers who eagerly leave it all in the ring, in KIT AND AUDREY MEET CUTE AND FIGHT DIRTY!

Serene was having Prinzzess on the ropes – literally – when we left our two gentle ladies. As we pick things up it’s pretty clear that Miss Siren intends to have her pretty little princess just about any way she damn well pleases! Serene oils up Prinzzess all over, then gets her all wet and slick on the inside as well with some dazzling tongue work. That’s just the least of what the pale rider has in store though, as she breaks out her trusty strap-on once more and gives her tawny victim the spurs with a rutting that will take your breath away. By the time PRINZZESS GETS PROBED AND SERENE GETS SATISFACTION – PART 2 is finished, Prinzzess will have all the fight fucked out of her, Serene will be admiring her handiwork, and you’ll be a happy customer!

What we’re all about:

Watching two hot women in a heated fight to see who can inflict the most pain and secure dominance– there’s nothing else like it! Nothing that is, unless it gets so heated that the ladies take things a little farther, and force pleasure to gain the upper hand! That’s what FemFightersXcess is all about– sexy female fighters taking things to Xcess!

Our mission is simple: bring together gorgeous women with a little bad attitude, some fighting skills and a lot of sex appeal, and let them work it out while the cameras roll. There are a lot of girls out there with a chip on their shoulder and an itch that needs scratching, so we’ll have a new matchup every week.

All you have to do is watch, but of course if you have a great idea for a matchup you’d like to see, we’re happy to offer custom movies. Click here and let us know what you have in mind!

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