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When blonde sexpot Cherie Deville and sultry brunette Idelsy Love met in the ring it was lust at first sight. Now that they’ve had a little time to get to know one another, lust has turned into an uninhibited sexual free-for-all! All that rubbing, fondling and tribbing have both pussies swollen, aching, and eager for release, and before it’s over one girl is working her tongue like a banshee, while the other is moaning her way to a thighs-shuddering, senses-shattering climax! Get IDELSY LIKES HERS WITH A CHERIE ON TOP – PART 2 and hang on for dear life!

Sexy wrestler Cheyenne took something of a beat-down in her first pairing with Serene Siren. The result even caught us off guard, as the gorgeous blonde is usually so, well, serene! So when Cheyenne asked for a rematch, we were surprised but thrilled at the thought of these two naked beauties tearing into each other again. They did not disappoint, going right after one another’s pretty pussy in a brutal exchange of wedgies and molestation that made our hair (among other things) stand on end. And that climax! Just watch CHEYENNE GETS RODE HARD AND PUT AWAY WET already and see.

What we’re all about:

Watching two hot women in a heated fight to see who can inflict the most pain and secure dominance– there’s nothing else like it! Nothing that is, unless it gets so heated that the ladies take things a little farther, and force pleasure to gain the upper hand! That’s what FemFightersXcess is all about– sexy female fighters taking things to Xcess!

Our mission is simple: bring together gorgeous women with a little bad attitude, some fighting skills and a lot of sex appeal, and let them work it out while the cameras roll. There are a lot of girls out there with a chip on their shoulder and an itch that needs scratching, so we’ll have a new matchup every week.

All you have to do is watch, but of course if you have a great idea for a matchup you’d like to see, we’re happy to offer custom movies. Click here and let us know what you have in mind!

Check us out every week for more of the best wrestling and the hottest sex you’ll ever see!