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So here comes a part two that’s such a reversal of part one we had to modify the title! The last match featuring Aidra Fox and Milana Ricci ended with Aidra on top and Milana getting her little slit slammed until she collapsed in ecstasy. While the second round begins with our gorgeous women putting on sling bathing suits for an evenly matched wedgie assault, things don’t go the same way at all for either girl after that! Milana decides pretty early on who’s going to end up with her end up this time, and she goes after Aidra’s pussy with a vengeance that’s a delight to behold. Aidra does what she can to resist the full-on assault on her lady-parts, but Milana’s hell-bent on making her come first and getting her prize. It’s revenge and it’s never been sweeter to see than it is here, as the so, so hot Milana dons her dildo and fucks the too, too sexy Aidra’s simmering snatch, in MILANA TAKES AIDRA ANY WHICH WAY SHE CAN!

It’s Round 2 for Kit Mercer and Cheyenne Jewel. As before, whoever comes first loses and the winner gets to have her way. This time out though, they start dressed in dental flo— oh, those are sling bathing suits? O-kay. Whatever you want to call them, the ladies look great and those suits are perfect for twat torture, which they waste no time getting into. Kit bears the brunt of the attacks this time out, including some clit-crunching pussy pinches that have to be seen to be believed. Don’t worry, we’ve got closeups. Cheyenne seems a little more dominant, but the reaming she got at the end of part one may have given her some incentive to keep Kit’s greedy fingers out of her snatch. Kit’s no pushover though, and as soon as she gets a chance she’s all over Cheyenne’s tight body, determined to squeeze another orgasm out of her smaller opponent’s silken sex-hole. It all builds to a thrilling climax with one girl sporting a long strap-on dildo, and the other poor girl’s wet cunt getting banged all over the ring, in CHEYENNE’S BIRTHDAY SUIT GETS MERCERIZED – PART 2

What we’re all about:

Watching two hot women in a heated fight to see who can inflict the most pain and secure dominance– there’s nothing else like it! Nothing that is, unless it gets so heated that the ladies take things a little farther, and force pleasure to gain the upper hand! That’s what FemFightersXcess is all about– sexy female fighters taking things to Xcess!

Our mission is simple: bring together gorgeous women with a little bad attitude, some fighting skills and a lot of sex appeal, and let them work it out while the cameras roll. There are a lot of girls out there with a chip on their shoulder and an itch that needs scratching, so we’ll have a new matchup every week.

All you have to do is watch, but of course if you have a great idea for a matchup you’d like to see, we’re happy to offer custom movies. Click here and let us know what you have in mind!

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