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Pity poor slender Sarah Brooke, who enters the FFX ring for the first time and finds herself face-to-face with the goddess we know as Rapture! Appearances to the contrary, Sarah thinks Rapture’s all mouth and she’ll have this mountain of sexuality under control in short order, and for a few minutes it looks like she could pull it off, literally and figuratively. Knowing she’ll have to end this quickly if she has any chance to survive, Sarah gets her bounteous quarry in the corner and mauls Rapture’s twat with desperate purpose.  But there’s a way of all things, and once Rapture gets her fingers on Sarah’s pouting pussy, you just know the poor redhead is going to end up mounted and stuffed with Rapture’s dildo. We call this one “WILL SARAH BROOKE BENEFIT UNDER RAPTURE’S TUTELAGE?” and if education is all about the journey, not the destination, then you’re in for a hell of a ride!

This week we take you back to the ring, where we’ve got two stunning new girls in hot panties, heels and stockings: sexy Lana Violet in pink and sultry Ember Snow in red. These asian girls might look sweet and petite, but a more foul-mouthed pair of dirty fighters we’ve not seen in a long time! It’s always a thrill when a femfight features some real fighting, and Ember and Lana don’t disappoint, with fierce wedgies that give new meaning to twat-torture. Both girls also love to pinch those pussies, and they eagerly take titty-twisting to a whole new level here. But since this is a SEX-fight, the painful beginning leads to a sweet finale as one of our brunette beauties ends up with her end up, her yearning snatch getting greedily pounded by a dominant opponent, in LANA ASKS EMBER FOR A PINCH OF SUGAR!

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