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Isn’t that how it always seems to happen? When last we saw them, JoJo Kiss had Olive Glass up on the sofa, Olive’s luscious thighs were wide open, her pussy wet and eager, and just as JoJo dove in tongue first… TO BE CONTINUED! Well forgive us if we left you blue-balled, but part 2 is worth every second of the wait! For starters, JoJo’s mauling of Olive’s crotch is a delight to watch as she goes from licking and sucking that gorgeous snatch to rubbing Olive’s love-button until the poor brunette fairly explodes into orgasm. Not to be outdone, Olive quickly reverses positions, spreads JoJo’s lithe limbs and buries her own tongue deep into that shaved twat, while JoJo tosses her lengthy locks in ecstasy. Their respective techniques are incredible to see; first JoJo working over Olive’s clit, using her thumb with more determination than a hitchhiker heading home for Christmas, followed by Olive lapping at JoJo’s cunt like she’s eating a triple scoop of ice cream on a hot afternoon! Both satisfied, yet hungry for more, they go into a heavy round of tribadism, grinding those sexy pussies until they’re both coming. The sight of Olive’s dark bush slamming against JoJo’s bald vulva is almost unbearably erotic! Finally we’re treated to a heady round of 69, with each girl given equal time on top and below, so we can enjoy both of their sexy asses and those swollen, sodden, wide-open sex-holes! If you’re left unsatisfied by the end of JOJO EATS A TASTY MEAL IN OLIVE’S GARDEN – PART 2, brother, you need to get some therapy!

Once upon a time, our friends at the late, lamented XtremeFemaleFighting site decided to host a sex-fight championship series, with a sparkling tiara awarded to the winner. These matches quickly became the stuff of legend, both for the drop-dead gorgeousness of the ladies and for the jaw-dropping sexual antics on display. We are thus thrilled to be able to present the penultimate battle, featuring the luscious Lyra Law challenged by the adorable Abigail Mac. These girls look absolutely stunning in this one, and from start to finish they’re completely nude and totally uninhibited! Abigail wants to dethrone Lyra and ascend to the top of the pyramid, and she’ll go to any length to force the hot blonde to an orgasm, whether it’s crotch-grinding tribadism or multi-fingered molestation. Lyra’s no pushover though, and she’s more than happy to lick Abigail’s lush twat in defense of her crown. Sure, there’s some actual wrestling involved here, but this is mostly about the sex, and both girls spend much of their time with legs spread wide and tongues buried deep. And while the winner does get the tiara, the loser gets the real satisfaction– as will you when you watch WHO WEARS THE CROWN?


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