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By now we’ve gotten you more familiar with the legendary XtremeFemaleFighting site, but there are a few movies even dedicated fans may have missed because they came out near the end, and weren’t available for long before the site ceased operations. This week we’ve got one of the best of those final few, and it’s a thrill ride! You all know and love Ariel X, but we’re betting you’re not nearly so well acquainted with Dee Williams, the busty beauty who’s taking her on. There’s a lot of sex in this one; the ladies make out briefly in sexy black lingerie, before stripping off and getting down to it with Dee surprisingly getting the best of Ariel in several holds that allow her a free hand and mouth to molest Ariel’s pretty pussy at will. Of course, Ariel breaks free time and again to ravish Dee’s lush labia with her fingers, lips and tongue. Dee is quite the stunner, her curvy figure topped with full, ripe tits you’ll see in your dreams for some time to come. Ariel is surprisingly gentle, almost playful in this one, a far cry from the dominating warrior we’re all used to and her trademark strap-on is nowhere in sight. With an almost endless variety of oral sex positions, and an unlikely pair of ladies enjoying each other, this may well be the sexiest video we’ve come across! In full HD and sensuous living color, here is ARIEL INVITES DEE TO A LIVING ROOM SLEEPOVER!

Now here’s a question for you: how sexy can two girls get when they don’t take off their clothes? Still with me? Good, because this time we’ve got two beautiful women and a lot of sex but no nudity below the waist, not even a glimpse! Misty Stone and Erika Jordan are both devotees of yoga, and as such avoid activities which might disrupt their spiritual pursuits. As our luck would have it though, they are also devotees of the more, um, sensual arts, so it would seem that anything that doesn’t require them to remove their yoga pants is fair game. Those skintight leggings aren’t really much of an obstacle anyway, and basically they happily pleasure one another with skillful tongues while they pursue their deeper nature. Naturally, the girls aren’t fully clothed here (we may be crazy, but we’re not stupid) and those bare breasts get plenty of stimulation from contemplative lips and fingers. Turns out there’s plenty of sexual release to be found along the path to enlightenment, and while these ladies preserve some feminine mystique along the way, they also leave little to the imagination, in MISTY DOESN’T WAIT TO GET INTO ERIKA’S PANTS!

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