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Becky Bandini gets it coming and going this week, and Rapture‘s giving it to her all the way. Seems our Ms. Rapture was having so much fun pounding the strap-on into pretty Becky’s snatch at the end of Part 1 that she wasn’t ready to let up until Part 2 was well under way. Even after she pulls the black rubber dipstick out of that well-lubed pussy, she’s still hell-bent on giving Becky’s wet womanhood a thorough tune-up, and try as she might Becky just can’t seem to shift gears and get ahead of her tormentor. Rapture moves fast through this one, flinging her over-matched opponent around the ring like a well-loved doll, while relentlessly two-fingering Becky’s over-worked sex-hole. Sure, Rapture might slip up once, giving Becky a rare glimpse of escape (and giving us a teasing glimpse of Rapture’s tasty twat in a painful pinch), but this is Rapture’s show from start to finish, and she works Becky like a pro right to the end, driving that strap-on back home and parking it all the way up in Becky’s garage, in RAPTURE AND BECKY’S HARD CORE REUNION – PART 2!

Kit Mercer definitely loves the strap-on, and while she wears it with authority and rides her conquests like a rodeo cowboy, just watching her jiggling tits, pert ass and those legs that go all the way up leaves little doubt even with that rubber dildo in place that she’s all woman. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Recovered from her previous rutting, Audrey Miles came to play some more, and speaking of all woman– Audrey has a spectacular pair of breasts of her own, and we think her vagina is pretty special too. And as much as Kit likes strapping it on, Audrey loves taking it in, cooing and moaning with every deep thrust. But there we go again, giving away the end before we’ve even told you how we’ll get there.  Maybe that’s a good thing though, as words can scarcely describe the vicious molestation that leads to fierce finger-banging, the cunts pinched pink and swollen that drive both girls to painful orgasmic frustration, the unfettered lust that gives way to frantic tribadism; all of which takes us back to that masterfully wielded dildo and that pretty penetrated pussy. Both girls give each other a working over in AUDREY CAN’T WAIT TO GET INTO KIT’S PANTS – PART 2 and once you’ve reached the end you’ll want to watch it again and again!

Every once in awhile we somehow manage to catch lightning in a bottle. Just a few weeks ago when we introduced Becky Bandini to the goddess Rapture and set them loose on each other (and our fans) we had no idea what we were starting. Maybe it was chemistry, or maybe the pairing of Becky’s sultry voluptuousness with Rapture’s sexy athleticism. Maybe it was just two hot, horny women with incredible bodies, but clearly we were onto something and our audience begged us for more, so here they come (and come, and come again)! Becky got the last laugh last time, but she’s still lusting after the muscular blonde’s gorgeous pussy and she goes right for it, pulling Rapture up hard in a series of wedgies that have her big clit swollen and aching, then molesting that amazing sex-hole, shoving two fingers in as deep as she can. Rapture’s still got the edge though and she easily subdues the statuesque brunette with some aggressive finger-banging of her own, while she pinches and slaps Becky’s fat tits until her nipples fairly burst in erection. And since we’ve only covered a bit past the halfway mark, that’s just the foreplay! It all comes to a suitably explosive climax in RAPTURE AND BECKY’S HARD CORE REUNION!

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Our mission is simple: bring together gorgeous women with a little bad attitude, some fighting skills and a lot of sex appeal, and let them work it out while the cameras roll. There are a lot of girls out there with a chip on their shoulder and an itch that needs scratching, so we’ll have a new matchup every week.

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