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T’was just about one year ago that we found ourselves witnessing a marvelous battle between Christina Carter and London River, and to say we haven’t been quite the same since is an understatement! Apparently the magnificence of that pairing made a similar impression on one of our viewers as well, and thanks to this generous fan named Bob we find ourselves gazing with wonderment upon these two big, beautiful, buxom brawlers once again! London comes out first, naked in her bedroom, appealing to Bob for sponsorship. Hearing of this in her living room, Christina’s a bit miffed so she quickly doffs her dress (which wasn’t covering much to begin with) and tantalizes Bob with some nude stretching. Things heat up when London arrives and the ladies begin taunting one another, but the fireworks really start after both ladies slip into evening wear, then just as swiftly slip back out of it again!  Nude, wearing only heels, they quickly tumble to the floor, exchanging their fiercest wrestling moves as they battle over Bob. Breasts are twisted and squeezed, crotches get mauled and molested, heads are locked between wondrous thighs; virtually no hold is barred as they fight for the lust of their unseen patron! It’s a back and forth battle, and we’d even give a few extra points to London as she’s giving Christina a real challenge here, but once things take a turn for the sensual, there’s little doubt who’ll end up getting the end of the strap-on up between her legs! And you’ll definitely want to watch AN AMERICAN BARE MILF IN LONDON all the way through, because there’s an easter egg those superhero movies never thought of at the end! We’ve never actually met this Bob fellow, but we definitely like his style!

It’s been a bit of a stretch since we last received a dispatch from our European bureau, but oh was it worth the wait! You’ll remember Stacy Bloom, of course, the tasty tart with the dusky voice and that tight, petite body that looks so good naked and under attack. Her opponent this time out is another familiar face, though new to the ranks of the FFX talent pool, the equally sexy Amirah Adara! When we joined them, the ladies seemed to be having some kind of dispute over the man each claimed to be fighting for, though upon seeing those lean, topless figures together, one could hardly blame the guy if he laid money on both sides! Of course the disagreement turns nasty, with each girl grabbing greedily at the other’s tender twat, tugging bikinis up tightly into slippery slits and wrenching heavily accented howls of pain from both women! Amirah swiftly gains the upper hand, stripping Stacy’s skimpy skivvies and forcing her up against the wall where she proceeds to maul that sweet figure without mercy. Stacy’s come through this kind of torture before and she’s ready to put her experience to work, grabbing Amirah’s pert tits and pulling for all she’s worth. It isn’t long before Amirah’s nude, bound and crying out as her own snatch gets squeezed and stroked! As the girls tumble to the floor, the action gets more intense; hands are bound, legs are spread, a pussy is poked, and finally one poor girl lies helpless as her face is mounted and she’s forced to lap away at her tormentor’s lush labia! No need to leave the house to see the sites this summer– leave that rucksack in the closet and join us as STACY AND AMIRAH TAKE A TOUR ACROSS THE MOUNTAINS OF EUROPE!

Cherie Deville and Francesca Lé are still having fun getting each other wet in our latest find from the late, lamented XtremeFemaleFighting vaults! Though they’ve eschewed the colorful evening wear of their previous encounter in favor of conservative business attire, the sexual hijinks are no less flamboyant as they continue to mix oil and water and toss it over their abundant produce like so much salad dressing! There’s quite a lot of turnabout this time, as it’s now the delectable Francesca who gets the upper hand below the waist. Whether she’s mounting Cherie’s face or grinding against her crotch, Francesca gives no quarter to her delicious Cherie. She even furiously fondles her own slick snatch while she gropes at Cherie’s quivering quim, reducing the bombastic blonde to a moaning mess as she lies draped and dripping across the ropes. There’s even a costume change partway through, as the ladies switch into sexy one-piece swimwear –  Cherie’s in shining gold and Francesca’s in sheer black – before hitting the mat for an explosive climactic free-for-all of tribbing, molesting and licking, all the while adding more water to the already soaked proceedings! Finally, after all the costume changes and all that fluid sloshed over those gorgeous bodies, there will be a champion, and she’ll triumphantly demand oral satisfaction from her vanquished foe! The real winners though, are our lucky viewers as they enjoy FRANCESCA AND CHERIE GET SLIPPERY AND WET – PART 2

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