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Join us on a sentimental journey as we take a loving look at two of our all-time favorites, the delectable Randy Moore and the incomparable JC Marie! It isn’t often that we find ourselves at a loss for words here, but revisiting this match from the archives of the legendary XtremeFemaleFighting.com has taken our breath away! Both blondes are in stunning form in this ring match, as what starts out as fairly standard bikini wrestling fair goes topless in a hurry, then goes off the rails. We’re not sure who gets turned on first, but both ladies quickly decide to try to force one another to orgasm and we’re delighted witnesses to the struggle. Randy is a lot more forceful here than you might expect, molesting JC’s sweet pussy with a passion that is really something to see. But it is JC who is the real revelation, as she mauls Randy’s lush labia with an uncharacteristic aggression that will have more than just your hair standing on end! Girls as lovely (and uninhibited) as these two are hard to find, and we’re happy to be able to take another look. Presented here in full, remastered HD for the first time, THE BLONDE BATTLE OF THE BODIES is a time capsule you’ll be thrilled to open again and again!

Milana Ricci has figured out that her spouse has been banging Ariel X, and takes to the phone to give Ariel a piece of her mind! Ariel gets mouthy, so Milana does what any girl with a little self-respect would do: she decides to put on her big-girl dominatrix outfit and bang Ariel herself– and in front of her husband to boot! It could be that the reliably tough Ariel takes the challenge too lightly, but it isn’t long before she finds her legs spread wide and her twat on the business end of Milana’s tongue! Milana’s choice of wardrobe is well suited to the occasion, as she thoroughly dominates Ariel, right down to demanding a thorough licking of her own, starting with her thigh-high boots and finishing between her thighs! Ariel submits, but then takes the opportunity to overpower Milana with pleasure. Ariel then proceeds to fill herself and the jealous housewife with a lengthy double-ended dildo, driving wifey (and herself) to orgasm while hubby looks on! If you think you’ve seen it all, JUST WAIT ‘TIL MILANA GETS HOME!

Reflect, if you will, on your mind, that delicate machine, managing every aspect of your existence. Now consider that sensitive instrument as it encounters two hot Euro-babes getting it on! You gasp at the site of Nelly Kent‘s long, lithe figure, losing yourself in that lustrous dark hair, as you become entranced by her wondrous, bouncing breasts. You shake your head, and just as you begin to recover, you’re slapped back into a daze by the sight of Shalina Devine‘s tight, perfect ass and then, as you catch sight of her nipples, so firm, so erect they almost come through your screen, you feel yourself losing your fragile attachment to reality! As they begin the motions of coupling – first violent as they shred dark stockings, pinch eager pussies, and work those incredible breasts into further arousal, then sensual as they caress swollen clitorides, enlace slender limbs, and lap eagerly at yearning labia – you scramble first, trying to regain a toehold in your world. But you must give in, just as they do, give in and enjoy vicariously the pleasures they inflict upon one another! You’ve entered another dimension, far from your own, but as you watch NELLY AND SHALINA FORM A EUROPEAN UNION – PART 2, you feel no need to return!

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