Action so hot it takes not just one Wonder Woman but two,  Alix Lynx and Cherie Deville, and two sexy, sneaky villains as well: Ariel X and Karlie Montana. Get ready for the most domination ever as these wicked wenches put our wonder-babes in some of the most amazing – and exposing – holds ever!


You ever wonder about wonder women, that’s right not just a Wonder Woman but Wonder Women, how about two super blonde wonders – well that’s exactly what we have here with Alix Lynx and Cherie Deville, such sexy blondes and boy do they rock those super costumes.  Those high heeled boots show off their shapely legs as they chat about how ready they are for the big battle, but what’s this, behind them are some sneaky villains: Ariel X and Karlie Montana – what are they pouring on those rags.  They sneak up behind our super babes and work their evil ways till they control our heroines.  Now comes the most domination ever over one WW let alone two – in unison these wicked wenches put our babes in some of the most amazing holds ever and most of them expose our heroine’s feminine privates, they are bent in so many stunning forms of match books where their pussies are stroked by the bad girls, but not until they put the bottoms of their costumes over their faces, how dare they humiliate these super heroes like this – and they have just begun. Eventually they have the Wonders nude and even take off their own clothes so they can get more sexual enjoyment as they face sit these beautiful blonde faces.  This is like getting two shows at the same time because each hold is done to each beauty and they are some wild sexual contortions, with our villains always rubbing hands or bodies on wet pussies. Initially produced by our friends at, they felt the finished video was too explicit for their fans. We were happy to step up and give this movie a new home, and you’ll be happy we did – it’s a true wonder to see double Wonder Women in such ultra domination !!!!!!



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