The hype was big for this matchup between sexy newcomer Serene Siren and great fighter Cheyenne,   and we were worried these ladies might not live up to the ballyhoo. Well, fear not because the fight – and the sex – surpassed our wildest expectations.


WOW — get ready for this one, we have been hyping Serene Siren and now you will know why as we have paired her up against that great fighter Cheyenne, many of you know or know of this this slim muscular beauty and her fighting prowess.  The Hype was big for this one and we were worried these ladies may not be able to live up to the ballyhoo – well, fear not because these wild women surpassed expectations.  These babes go for the gold at all times, nipples are pulled till you will even feel the pain, and wedgies are pulled till their pussy lips scream in pain, butts split till both cheeks rise to the occasion and holds well let’s just say they go all the way.  Serene, our new blonde super star is not only gorgeous but one hell of a fighter and Cheyenne keeps right up with her, many times out does her — you may never see such energy as these girls have, when they tribb it’s fast and furious, when they send their fingers deep they do it hard and fast, sex and wrestling are so intertwined with speed and power we were wondering what would happen when the winner got her victory fuck.  Well let’s just say they fuck like they fight, yes that dick is thrust in fast and furious missionary style then from behind come super lunges that have our loser howling with delight.  WOW – I hope you’re ready for this one !!!!!!



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