Lyra Law and Serena Blair in a rowdy battle with lots of great gut slugs and head shots, followed by some strap-on induced sucking and fucking.

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OH BOY — boxing and fucking, banging then BANGING and these two really get it on: Lyra Law and Serena Blair.  Lyra admits to being a bit of a hussy and Serena has been training so she is ready for some boxing banging but not at all ready for the other banging.  It’s a rowdy battle with lots of great gut slugs and head shots, both hit the mat from savage blows that have their sexy bodies reeling.  To throw Serena off her game, Lyra takes her top down to Serena’s dismay and then to take it over the edge she rubs her beautiful breasts in Serena’s sweet face — Don’t let this stun you Serena, too late, she is overwhelmed and our blonde babe strikes.  Oh and does she strike, bombs to all of that wonderful petit body shaking sweet Serena to the core and if she thought those blows shook her up – well don’t get off your knees because you will be face to face with Lyra’s strap on cock.  Here comes the dominance and the fucking but before that Lyra makes Serena suck her new appendage, and suck it she does, you will never see so much drool – blondie won’t let her stop till she has half the ring soaked, drool that strands all the way to the mat – amazing.  As for the penetration, well let’s just say this is some awesome fucking, missionary, doggie and even makes Serena mount her – so deep goes that cock, over and over she slams it in and the petit one can’t help but enjoy it, we get some great view of this glorious sex.  Banging begets banging – blows turn into thrusts and you will truly love both, so get ready because this is boxing and fucking at its ultimate best !!!!!!!!



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