Gorgeous Australian M.I.L.F. Aubrey Black now has quite a following and Helena Locke has always been a favorite. Time to see who’ll come out on top in this match filled with pussy-pinching, face-sitting, tit-pulling, and crotch-on-crotch grinding –  it’s fighting and sex at it’s best.

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Everyone now loves Aubrey Black, yes after seeing this gorgeous Australian M.I.L.F. in action she has quite a following and Helena Locke has always been a fan favorite for those that love tough girls, so it’s time to fill out their match and this second half is full of fun.  Without a doubt some of the best forced tribbing ever, each lass is forced to switch positions as they wrench each other from butt to crotch positions but always rubbing a pussy and do they work it – it’s fighting and sex at it’s best.  But that’s just one section of this great show, and before we get to the special tribbing we start where we left the last one – a smothering face sit, Aubrey has her robust ass encompassing Helena’s pretty face and of course she goes for the tits and pussy.  Helena does come back, she bends Aubrey over the top rope and drives her fingers deep up her wet pussy but her control is short lived because Aubrey is determined to make Helena her bitch and soon has her in some amazing holds and in all of them she works over Helena’s sweet middle, she bends her in a matchbook, scissors her in all kinds of positions and so many other great holds — these sex pros keep it moving and definitely keep it interesting – a real wild sex ride !!!!!!



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