Misty Stone is in full control of Prinzzess, but this is only the beginning of her sex dominance as she works over the blonde beauty with supreme passion.

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We pick up where we left off in the first episode of this amazing sex movie, Misty Stone is in control of Prinzzess and what control it is, she has her in matchbook with her legs splayed while she tweaks her nipples, then to make it more spectacular she lays back and we get one hell of a sustained hold.  This is only the beginning of her sex dominance as she works over Prinzzess with supreme passion, the blonde beauty tries to resist but so many times she can’t help but be overcome by the stimulation and gives way to vociferous orgasms.  Oh does our black beauty enjoy her sex, she rubs and squeezes that pretty pussy till she has to let out her screams, then she rides her, rubbing pussies in some hot tribbing. Time to take the dominance for a walk, out comes the chain and collar and Prinzzess is led back to Misty’s house where she continues her sex fun, she mounts Prinzzess from behind as she tweaks her nipples, boy does she work over that butt; she rides and rubs that ass then even spanks it till she has poor Prinzzess almost worn out – time for Misty to get off so she sits on that pretty blond face and makes her service her pussy, Misty’s ass twerks and jerks as she squeals with delight while the blonde’s legs kick the air – another orgasm is had, a very appropriate end to this glorious sex domination where orgasms are had by all !!!!!!



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