When Christina Carter finds Idelsy Love oiling herself in the ring, the two sex experts (and raving sexpots) decide to go at to see who can turn on the other the most!

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This week we have two raving sexpots going at it, when Christina Carter finds Idelsy Love oiling herself in the ring she has a great idea – they should have a sensual match and to start off she offers to oil Idelsy’s sexy body. The oil gets lathered over that bronze skin, when she rubs she gets so turned on she can’t help but start the sex as on her knees she lurches like a magnet toward Idelsy’s pussy – the sex is on! So turned on is Ms. Love that she can’t wait to get Christina’s clothes off and suck on those large breasts and this turns her on even more so she leaps on the big beauty for a wild ride, their pussies connect as the tribbing begins and what tribbing it is – sucking and rubbing with moans of glee. Who can turn on the other the most, both are sex experts, Christina attacks Idelsy’s butt from behind, sinking her pretty face deep between those brown ass cheeks as Idelsy lifts her ass higher and higher with each tongue insertion, then she pins Idelsy’s hands over her head so she can suck hard on those pert nipples while thrusting her fingers deep in that wet pussy. Idesly splays Christina’s legs so she can get her tongue deep into Christina’s pussy and diddle her clit with her tongue (great closeups here). Yes the wrestling is minimal as most holds are only sexual transitions but it’s only because these ladies get so turned on – they love their sex, and you will feel it as they try to devour each other !!!!!



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