Canadian Sadie Holmes and American Lyra Law – both in national flag bikinis – are two of the wildest sex fighters ever, but as much as they like the fight, they like the sex even more.


Canada and the USA are going at it, this is no insignificant trade problem no this is a major country battle between the countries female sex teams and Sadie Holmes is spoiling for a fight after the way the US team ganged up on her last time and Lyra Law is angry the way Sadie made Celeste her sex slave – both in their country bikini’s are spoiling for a battle. Their irate banter soon has them ripping the bikinis off and grabbing for flesh, without a doubt these are two of the wildest sex fighters ever – as much as they like the fight, they like the sex even more. Both ladies are in perfect form, their bodies never looked so good, sleek and lean they almost tremble as their energy overflows while they enter into battle; Sadie has the blonde against the ropes as on her knees she extends to attack her perky breasts, reaching through her bottoms to get to the awaiting tits, Lyra pounds Sadie’s firm belly in the corner but when the brunette gets her foe in a school girl pin and uses it to slap hell out of her tits then reach around and drill her finger in her gyrating pussy, well – it’s take over time. And take over she does except for that time when Sadie face sits her and the blonde being the sex pro she is uses her magic tongue to force Sadie into a frantic orgasm. Back in control Sadie starts ramming everything into that sweet pussy as she takes our wild blonde to orgasmic states, the vibrator going in and around as Sadie stokes Lyra’s breasts with her feet, then the big dildo finds a home in the wet middle. Sadie is on fire now as she bends Lyra over so she can work over her savory ass. This is the ultimate in aggressive sex, even takes time out for one tortuous camel clutch with some fish hooks and breast mauling, then back to bending her over and inserting more toys. We expect nothing but the best from these two and we are not disappointed — so buckle up because this is one hell of a wild sex ride !!!!!



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