Christina Carter continues right where she left off, slamming her wet pussy into Idelsy Love’s anxious soft center, leading to a stimulating grind that gets both beauties hot. Then it’s time to get out more oil…


This sexcapade continues right where we left off as Christina Carter lifts Adelsy Love’s leg up straight so she can jam her wet pussy into Idelsy’s awaiting soft center – and now for that stimulating grind that gets both beauties so hot, Christina can’t help but drop down on the brunette squishing their breasts together as they deep kiss all the while Christina slides her pussy up and down Idelsy’s thigh.  Then time to get out more oil so Ms. Carter can lather a slick on Idelsy’s wonderful butt, she rubs, squeezes and spreads that ass till those cheeks glisten.  Sit behind her, hand around neck, spread the legs and go for that gooey center, put her in a scissors and slide your hands between those cheeks till again she strikes the wet spot.  The petit one can take no more and steals control, she mounts Chris and plants her ass on those big tits, now it’s her turn to assail the pussy – fingers go deep as our big beauty writhes with pleasure.  More oil and more pleasing, scissors hold and squeeze for sex, chokes add the some breathless pleasure – deep tonguing 69s that take both girls to orgasmic states.  More deep kissing, more ass play and of course more tribbing — yes this is sex with more sex added till we are sexed to the max, the question is who enjoys it more the girls or you  — only one way to find out !!!!!!



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