Gorgeous blonde fighter Serene Siren offers to school exotic brunette dancer Idelsy Love in the art of wrestling, and the results are delightful.

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Get ready because Serene Siren is just what her name suggests, she is both calm and smooth yet with a turn this beautiful blonde is a wild cat, but most of all she is a star – yes this lady will be one of our most popular.  Serene is not only a gorgeous blonde but an accomplished fighter so when she offers to school Idelsy in the art of wrestling the brunette agrees.  We have all missed Idelsy Love as she has not been around for a while, it is so good to have her beautiful smile back along with her amazing body.  First Idelsy gives Serene a twerking lesson, it is a real joy watching these two great asses twitch and sway, next it’s on the bed for some wrestling practice but each move proves to be very stimulating because both ladies find each other very attractive, so what starts out as playful wrestling turns into holds used for sex and what great fun this sex is, they take their clothes off and lotion up their amazing bodies.  Fingers and tongues get to work on these beautiful bodies as on the bed they roll, first they take off the bras and stroke those luscious breasts, then this sassy blonde goes down on Idelsy and drives her crazy, now it’s her turn to turn on Serene and we get the nimble Blonde contorting in a wonderful way that exposes her pussy for some deep tongue penetration.  Soon these wild women are looking for something new and wet – that big pool is calling them – oh yes those naked bodies are soon drenched and looking for more satisfaction.  Idelsy jumps up on the side of the jacuzzi as Serene wades in the pool so she is between the brunettes legs and begins the pleasure and pleasure it is for all of us as these wet beauties sparkle in the sun – trust me Serene is destined to be a super star for both DT and FFX and you can see her first !!!!!



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