In Part 1, we saw Aaliyah Love and Makayla Cox in a wild sex battle. Now we’ll see who takes control!

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In that first great segment Aaliyah Love and Makayla Cox are in a wild sex battle, in this session we find who takes control as the sexy blonde throws the brunette into the wall where she rams her butt into Makayla’s pussy, over and over she wags her amazing ass, then drives her fingers up that moist pussy.  Now in full control Aaliyah throws her victim to the floor so she can ride her pussy to pussy, a tribbing romp where they both aim toward orgasmic ecstasy.  A body scissors allows our blonde to control the sex and a head scissors lets her get full control, sex takes a full step up when our beauties hit the couch and Ms. Love straps on her dick, a dick she just loves pushing deep into the brunette’s sweet pussy, over and over she rams it in, then she rolls her over to address her from behind as on the floor she plows her big cock in.  Aaliyah is so enjoying her sexual domination, she is such a giggly fun babe and she just can’t help smiling and laughing to the camera as she takes control of this big gorgeous brunette – she fucks and fingers her, all the time reveling in the true joy of sex and joy filled it is even in domination the sex finds it’s orgasm, and really what’s better than an orgasm.  It’s a dominante sex fight but the joy is in the ladies as these two beauties are so much fun to watch – fun sex by two ladies that really know how to enjoy – if you don’t smile when Aaliyah flashes her joy and commands her sex then you better check your pulse.  Dominate that big brunette Aaliyah !!!!!!



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