They start out where we last left them; Lyra Law’s strap on dick getting slammed into Serena Blair’s wet pussy. From there it’s more great fucking with deep kissing, fabulous oral sex and tribbing. And yes, those boxing gloves stay on throughout the sex!

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All those that got the first episode of this wild boxing match know how sexy these two young babes are – and this second part just gets more sexy, yes, they try to box but that sex just keeps getting in the way.  They start out where we last left them; Lyra Law fucking Serena Blair – that strap on dick gets slammed into Serena’s wet pussy and she is liking it, so much she likes it that when they stop and go back to boxing the deep kissing keeps getting in the way – each clinch turns into a deep wet tonguing session, so much fun watching that drool drip down over their chins, Serena is the queen of drool.  First we get the great fucking then the deep kissing and all mixed with lots of fabulous oral sex and some tribbing, we even get some great pussy rubbing with the boxing gloves, yes the gloves stay on throughout the sex, they want to box and even hit a few slugs but just can’t keep their tongues in their mouths as they leap on each other in some of the sexiest kissing sessions you will ever see – it gets them ready for their oral sex because from kissing they go to licking breasts and once they are on the edge of orgasm they journey down between the legs and sink their long wet tongues into those gorgeous pussies.  Never will you see so much amazing sex with boxing gloves on, and it just makes them more attractive – you will have no doubt about the joy sex gives these two women, they are overwhelmed with true passion and pleasure – you will feel it and you will become part of it, so be ready to ENJOY !!!!!!



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