Aaliyah Love and Makayla Cox are two super hot babes that are eager to get it on in this catfight/wrestling match where the winner forces erotic submission.

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Aaliyah Love vs Makayla Cox, two super hot babes that are eager to get it on – and we so love the way they begin; each comes in and introduces herself while doing a sexy dance, pull up those short dresses and show off those great legs as you slink across the room telling us how you are going to win.  Then they face off as they’re told this will be a catfight wrestling match and you win by erotic submission – both ladies agree and start off with a fierce test of strength where one lady is forced to her knees and in the perfect position for a low blow, ouch – up against the wall goes the sexy Makayla but comes back with a killer slug to the face of this luscious blonde – we have a fight!  Many of you may know both of these beautiful babes but if not you are in for a treat because these ladies are popular for a reason; they are gorgeous, sexual and love getting physical with women.  From couch to floor they roll and soon Makayla finds her dress pulled down showing off her tempting breasts and taking Ms. Love to the wall where she looks for her erotic submission by rubbing her gorgeous pussy then driving her finger deep inside – oh no, is she getting her orgasm, is she…  no she gets a kick to the head and we are back in our fight.  Then Aaliyah drops her bootylicious ass on the brunette’s face, this is one hot face sit, she slams these butt cheeks on that pretty face then goes for her vulnerable pussy but still no submission.  Figure four neck scissors that allow more fingers in the pussy, body scissors with more going after crotches and many more holds as they go for their erotic submission, till finally they end rubbing their now wet pussies together with some sexy tribbing — they get so hot, surely an erotic submission has to come from this — so hot, so hot they may explode !!!!!!!



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