After part 1 with Aubrey Black and Adriana Sephora, you know how hot they both are. Part 2 won’t disappoint because they stay just as wild, and once the double-ended dildo comes out (and goes in) things get even sexier!

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Now you know Aubrey Black is a star, after that first section with Adriana Sephora you know how hot they both are, well the second section won’t disappoint because they stay just as wild and if you thought Adriana couldn’t get any sexier – well you were wrong.  I so loved how Aubrey puts her sexy foe on the ropes, and I do mean on the ropes as she balances the sensual blonde on the edge and thrusts her fingers deep into her wet pussy. Adriana proves to be a worthy opponent as she bends the buxom Aussie over in many contorted positions so she can slam those fingers in deep, amazing to watch both of these ladies with long painted fingernails, nails that should hurt but they are both able to slide those weapons into the tender centers for some stimulating results.  And both ladies love their pussy pinches, yes they pinch the pussy lips making their foes wail in pain.  Oh and did I mention they start out in short school girl skirts that show off their great asses, but they don’t stay on long as both these ladies want to get at the most vulnerable areas.  From one end of the ring to the other these ladies go wild on each other in this amazing match, both of these ladies become true stars after these two episodes and that becomes very evident with their finish —— the winner makes the loser suck a two sided dildo and then both sides are put to use.  Both pussies are filled with dildo and then it gets really amazing as these sexy babes roll into all possible positions and that dildo never comes out of either lady, that’s right from side to side, from each on top, one down one up and so many more —— and always the dildo ends stay in their magic pussies!!!!!!



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