Hot blonde Adriana Sephora takes on sexy M.I.L.F. Aubrey Black, and those school girl skirts, pink panties and some of the most wedged wedgies ever make for amazing action!

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Adriana Sephora is such a hot blonde, she loves to fight and she loves sex, so who do we match her with? Have you seen Aubrey Black, the sexiest M.I.L.F. from down under you will ever find, she is a perfect foe for the seductive blonde – and for those that don’t know Aubrey, YOU WILL LOVE HER, trust me she is a big beauty who can back up all that trash talk. Oh and what makes this extra special are those school girl outfits, short skirts, black stocking and they start out with those beautiful tits plunged out of their little tops. These two together are amazing, so get ready for some of the most wedged wedgies ever, they slam that string up the ass then deep into the pussy, from all directions and angles these wedgies are vicious – even putting one lady on the top rope and almost bending her in two. But this match goes way beyond wedgies as these wild warriors thrust their hands and fingers deep into their vulnerable pussies, then attack their beautiful breasts with lots of nipple twists and breast gouging. They so love to pinch the lips of their vaginas, pinch with two fingers then rub and not sure they are yelling from pain or pleasure. One gets the upper hand and straps it on – that’s right here comes the strap-on and in goes the penis, further and further, harder and harder till… Some matches are just extra wild and this is one of them and if you haven’t seen either of these ladies before I assure, YOU WILL LOVE BOTH OF THESE WILD CATS, both are gorgeous and sooooo much fun to watch — you will love it!!!!!!



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