Prinzzess and Misty Stone are a pair made in heaven, so get ready because this one will knock your socks off.  They start out in party dresses but soon are ripping the sexy clothes off and attacking those gorgeous bodies.

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Prinzzess and Misty Stone, a pair made in heaven, both beautiful and feisty as hell – so get ready because this one will knock your socks off.  They start out in their party dresses arguing about… hell they argue about everything because these two babes just don’t like each other. Soon they are ripping those sexy dresses off and attacking gorgeous bodies.  Prinzzess gets control first and once she has that dress off she gives Misty a wedgie that picks her off the ground then throws her down and jumps on her with both feet and savagely kicks her, then puts her breasts in a killer vise, just needs one more… oh no, a surprising kick now has Prinzzess reeling and it’s Misty’s turn to destroy – and this is destruction like no other.  Misty goes total savage on the naked blonde, I say naked because Misty right away rips that sexy cocktail dress off and begins her journey of demolition.  Those pert tits get smashed by feet and hands and her pussy, oh does she go after the blonde’s middle, slapping and pinching her tender crotch every chance she gets.  And the holds, she works a camel clutch like no other, not just bending her in half but she also pulls Prinzzess’ tits off, then a fish hook and hair pulling – all in one camel clutch.  Misty just doesn’t stop, a dragon sleeper that allows her to really molest Prinzzess, she even steps on her hair so she can give her the wedgie of all wedgies.  Are your socks still on, if so watch this video and they are guaranteed to fly off – you will love it !!!!!



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