Our lust-crazed duo, Kenzie Reeves and Silvia Saige, return for another round of unbelievable sex. You won’t believe the places this pair – and their tongues –  will go for an orgasm!

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Kenzie Reeves is a sex machine and Silvia Saige is the key that winds her up!  Now you all know from that first episode how crazy these ladies are, well Kenzie gets even more sexcrazed — both women still vie for who can take the most, each chokes her foe as they rub pussies together taking tribbing to a new end.  Finally Silvia can take no more and realizes Kenzie can go forever, and forever is just what she has in mind as they take this match to the bedroom for the penalty phase where the winner has the loser as a slave – get ready for this because the petit blonde has just started getting her satisfaction: she literally spreads her pussy lips as wide as possible, you got to see this, then forces Silvia face so deep into her that Sil’s tongue has to be tickling Kenzie’s stomach.  And if her face wasn’t deep enough there, Kenzie forces it even deeper into her ass as she lifts that beautiful butt high on the bed, then Silvia kneels by the bed to rhythmically lick Kenzie’s pussy, harder and harder till the blonde is ripping at the sheets!  Wow, when this girl wants her sex she gets it and she gets it – DEEP AND HARD !!!!!!



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