Control freak Serena Blair bangs away on sweet Tia Kai, pulling her hair and slapping her tits and face while she penetrates that succulent pussy.

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Oh that little Serena Blair is one hell of a control freak when it comes to sex, she giveth and she taketh and she so loveth.  When last we left the first episode Serena was banging away on sweet Tia Kai, she pulls her hair, smacks her face and makes her suck her fingers as she penetrates that succulent pussy.  Then Serena bends that gorgeous brown body over a stool so she can play with Tia’s alluring ass, with slaps and pinches she readies her for more penetration as from behind she enters our Asian beauty, over and over she thrusts her wet dick in as she pulls Tia’s hair and uses and arm lock – just to show her who is in charge, oh and why not some fish hook action on that pretty face.  From here we go to the floor where an extended 69 position has them both screaming with delight as we are treated to close shots of both their exquisite pussies.  Then believe it or not there is much more strap-on penetration from more great angles, then some forced phone calls and and ending with some super domination as Serena wants Tia to remember who is the the sexual champ here. Two fabulous babes giving us one amazing sexual extravaganza, and sexual dominance at it’s it’s most sensual best !!!!!!



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