Have you seen Milana Ricci and September Reign yet? So sexy and so eager — you can’t help but love em as they embark on a wild session of pussy torture!

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Let’s get some new young beauties in for a rollicking sex match, everyone has gone crazy over Milana Ricci so we thought pairing her with another popular newbie would be fun and September Reign was the perfect choice.  Neither beauty has done much ring work so it is fun to watch their trepidation but it doesn’t take long for them to go for it hard as they both love to fight and they both love female flesh. Young wild women are always so much fun to watch and when these youths start pulling those suits up pussies, they go extra deep separating those lips as they scream in pain, then to their nipples as they twist and squeeze.  Lots of great pussy pinching as their vagina lips gets squeezed in many unique ways, ways that only the young can find and endure.  Then of course they each take turns thrusting their fingers deep into wet centers, seems like Milana’s long fingernails would hurt but they go deep with both pleasure and pain.  Both young naked bodies are a true joy to watch as they grapple for control, from face sits to school girl pins they work over breasts and pussies till we have a winner and she straps on her penis and fucks.  Doggie style is the first sexual position but also a great thrust in the seated pose where that penis goes deep for ultimate satisfaction. Have you seen either Milana or September yet, they are both so sexy and so eager — you can’t help but love em, so sit back and let these gorgeous young babes ENTERTAIN — you will not be disappointed  !!!!!!



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