Gorgeous Asian Tia Kai attacks cute Serena Blair from behind, ripping off her top and molesting her breasts. She then pulls off Serena’s pants, but Serena finally wriggles free and she’s going to make the sexy Tia pay.

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Serena Blair is anxiously waiting to fight Cherie Deville but to her dismay the gorgeous Tia Kai busts in and wants to fight the spunky little Serena – but no this cute little spark plug is saving her energy to destroy Cherie.  Our gorgeous Asian is determined to get her battle and soon attacks Serena from behind where she rips off her top and molests her breasts, then licks her face just to piss her off as she shoves her hand down into her jeans to get to her pussy.  On the ground she throws her, pulls off her pants and smacks that appealing ass then steps on her hair so she can attack her naked body better.  Now for the ending neck scissors but wait… you can’t keep this ferocious babe down – no Serena finally gets free and boy is she going to make our sexy Asian pay.  Soon Serena plants her firm ass on the brunette’s gorgeous face where she can attack both breasts and pussy and also force some great oral sex as she wriggles her ass crack where Tia’s tongue can go deep.  Ms. Blair then uses many holds and chokes for destruction, like a camel clutch with a killer fish hook.  Once she has the black haired beauty controlled she bends over the stool and forces Tia’s head deep in her ass, then shakes her butt cheeks to get her even deeper and give Serena some pleasure — then begins the strap-on insertion.  We all know how great Serena Blair is in a sexual fight but Tia Kai will also be one of our stars as she is sooo much fun to watch.  Two amazing ladies who really know how to make a sexual fight FABULOUS !!!!!!



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