Silvia Saige is a sleek brunette beauty who loves sex but has never met diminutive blonde sex machine Kenzie Reeves, so she has no idea what she is in for.

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A sex match with Kenzie Reeves, seems almost unfair for this sexual dynamo to have a sex fight with anyone but Silvia Saige is up to the task.  Silvia is a sleek beauty who also loves sex but she has never met the diminutive blonde sex machine so she has no idea what she is in for.  They both must allow their competitor to do any sexual thing and can only mutually sex up her foe when in a position and all rough sex is allowed.  They start out with a long deep kissing session and we can tell by their deep tongue insertion and mutual groans both are getting into this sexual battle, then the hands go to the pussies and tongues to the breasts — now both babes are super turned on and Silvia takes Kenzie down and goes after her tender center, her tongue in between those amazing plump pussy lips, then she turns Kenzie upside down, spreads her legs wide and drops her whole face in but she is sitting on Kenzie who now pulls Silvia’s great ass into her face so she can attack Sil’s sweet center — makes for some amazing sex !!  Kenzie throws Silvia over a stool and drills her thumb all the way inside the brunette’s pussy, then uses her tongue for ultimate orgasm.  Silvia throws the petit blonde on the couch and turns her on her side so those amazing pussy lips blast through and she is able to attack as we get great views.  So many fabulous positions and so much great sex, who can take the most…  orgasm after orgasm.  So sensitive even the touch becomes too much — one of these beauties can take no more.  So much fun watching these two beauties sexually devour each other — can anyone match Kenzie ?!?!?!?!



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